Journey to the Empire of Light

now i don’t normally write things like this, i want to keep a degree of professionalism ūüėČ But this may be one of the biggest achievements of my artistic career! Yesterday i took a day trip to Brussels and went to the Musee Magritte museum. It was a gorgeous collection of work and in the last room i came across a painting that was very familiar. Magritte has been a favourite artist of mine since i was a child. Yesterday i realised that throughout my travelling i have had the pleasure to see the Empire of light series.
1. in the Peggy Guggenheim collection in Venice (family holiday in 2010)
2. The museum of modern art in New York (i visited with my Foundation course in 2015)
3. The royal museum of fine arts of Belgium (i visited while on an university exchange in Belgium)
i feel very lucky that i have had the opportunity to travel around and see so much amazing art.


S.M.A.K – Anna Opperman (The neverending paradox.

The work of Anna Oppermann (1940-93, Germany) is pioneering in the way it brings together ideas from process art, conceptual art, and the arte povera and performance art of the 1960s and 1970s.  (

“Exerices in observation and insight that are in principle infinite” Anna Opperman

I was really struck by the¬†humanity shown in it all, everything that i saw was filled with such personality. There was so much to look at that each of her ensembles were a bit overwhelming. But the chaos adds to the charm and the sense that this has come from another person, who maybe isn’t that dissimilar to me. There are so many different elements that balance each other out such as very serious an adult themes, like a text about abuse with almost childlike joyful drawings. I really liked that there are pictures of the work being made, they show the journey that the artist took in ¬†creating these theatre like scenes. I love that there is something fresh and original about these works that i could look at for hours.

Ik was echt getroffen door dat de hele mensheid, alles wat ik zag was gevuld met zo’n persoonlijkheid. Er was zoveel te zein dat elk van heer ensenbles waren een beetjie overweldigend. Maar de chaos toegevoegd aan de charme en het gevoel dat het afkomstig is van een andere persoon, die misschien niet zo verschillende van mij. Er zijn zo zeel verschillende elementen die elkaar in evenwicht te brengen, zoals een tekst over misbruik met bijna kinderlijke vrolijke tekeningen. Ik vond dat er foto’s gemaakt van het werk, dat ze reis die de kunstenaar nam in het creeren van deze ¬†theatrale scenes laten zien. Ik hou van dat ik kon uren naar kijken.


Wall Drawing Experiment #4

One of the many amazing opportunities that i have been lucky to be a part of is a drawing exhibition in the KASK Bijloke campus. The set up is that each students are each given a 3 x 4 meters wall to do whatever we want with it. It was very exciting to that such freedom and space to work with! I decided to go with an idea that i have had for a while of make artwork loosely based on the Gestalt psychology theory. To create a chaotic mass of shapes and lines, to then create recognisable pictures of this. My aim to create a piece of work with many different layers, for it to first appear as a mass of swirling lines and the closer its viewed for animals and images to appear.


mapsMy name is Katy Day, I am an aspiring artist and passionate about experiencing new places. My blog called The travelling Ostranenie for several reasons. The word ostranenie has been a big influence on work and highlights a part of my attitude to artwork, so it seemed like the obvious choice to represent myself on the internet.

I was born in England and started university at the Drawing course in Falmouth University. But I am currently taking part in a Erasmus scheme, where I am studying at HoGent arts university of Ghent in Belgium. I will be using this blog to document my experiences over the next 5 months.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

mijn naam is Katy Day, ik ben een aspirant-kunstenaar en over het ervaren van nieuwe plaatsen gepassioneerd. Mijn blog met de naam De reizende Ostranenie om verschillende redenen. Het woord ostranenie heeft een grote invloed op het werk geweest en wordt  een deeel van mijn houding ten opzichte van kunstwerken, zodat het leek alsof de hand liggende keuze om mezelf te vertegenwoordigen op het internet.

Ik ben geborn in Engeland en begon de universiteit bij de tekencursus in Falmouth University. Maar ik ben momenteel deel te nemen aan een Erasmus – programmam, waar ik studeer aan HoGent arts universiteit van deze blog om mijn ervaringen in de komende 5 maanden documenteren.

Dank u voor het bezoeken van mijn blog. (sorry als de vertaling is onjuist. Ik ben niet zeker of ik vertrouw het vertaalprogramma)