Project goals

My next project is a variation urban sketching with different elements that interest me added together to try and make a unique overview of scenes in Cornwall. A mixture of drawings and prints with the main focuses being man-made structures such as buildings or statues but with traditional Cornish elements within such as the sea or moorland.  They are going to be a mix of different sights that could be seen in towns, people going about their business, weather effecting the light, buildings filled with people and man made structures interacting with nature e.g. statues in parks. I aim to show a clear balance between clear cut lines of buildings and the gestural lines of the people showing the different between the bricks that don’t move and the constantly moving people. Im going to work on my use of composition by playing with the contrast of detailed and rough drawing to lead the eye around the page to parts of the landscape that might have been over looked. Im excited at the possibility of also turning these drawings in prints, a medium I have always been interested in as I like the expected element of the ink whether its smudging or a blob in an unexpected place, it takes the image on a path I could never plan. They will all extend to the edge of the pages and create the illusion of the scenes extending further by evidence of the things just out of sight. I plan to use minimal colour, mostly black and white but the occasional colour that seems even brighter because the monotone around. I want the project not just for people who are tourists and want a reminder of what they have seen but also the locals who have an interest in what’s around them, that like reevaluating what the known and see every day in a different and better way